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Overview of the PALMS system

What is PALMS?

  • PALMS is a fully integrated measurement system that is capable of estimating Physical Activity Energy Expenditure (PAEE) by combining
    • Activity data collected by accelerometers
    • Heart rate collected by heart rate monitors
    • Location data collect by GPS data loggers
  • PALMS provides significant advantages over currently-available measurement approaches and contributes to understanding relationships between PAEE, the environment, and health-related factors at the individual and population level.
  • PALMS is a web-based application that supports data collection and analysis for multiple studies among multiple researchers across various disciplines. The PALMS has been designed to promote data sharing across the public, private and academic domains.
  • PALMS is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the Genes, Environment and Health Initiative (GEI), a collaboration between geneticists and environmental scientists.

Click here to see a demonstration video of PALMS.

For additional information, download this factsheet:

Read about PALMS in the GPS Health Research Network's January 2012 newsletter:

Map of PALMS Users 2014-10-01.jpg
Map of PALMS user organizations - Oct 2014

PALMS is used by 87 research organizations in 16 countries.

Growth of PALMS User Community June 2015.jpg

Growth of PALMS User Community

Growth of PALMS Database June 2015.jpg

Growth of PALMS Database

How to get involved:

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