The BT747 application can be used to download data from QStarz GPS devices and create CSV files that can be uploaded into PALMS. The program is available for download at

To use the application with PALMS, you first add the "GPS - BT747 Format" device to your study. Then select "GPS - BT747 Format" as the device when you upload CSV files (created by the application) to PALMS.

Several things to note:
  • On the BT747 application's "Output Settings" tab, the Timezone MUST be set to UTC+0, regardless of your current timezone. PALMS assumes all GPS times are in UTC (which is typically) and PALMS will perform the necessary conversion to the participant's local time.
  • On the "File Output Fields", UTC Time, Latitude, Longitude and Height MUST be checked.
  • If you desire PALMS to estimate indoor / outdoor conditions, then NSAT, SID and SNR MUST be checked on both the "File Output Fields" and the "Device Settings" tab
  • Only CSV files created by the application can be imported into PALMS.

The BT747 uploader can also be used to import CSV files created by Qstarz's Raw Data Manager. Its use will store all data columns contained within the CSV file. (The QSTARZ Raw uploader only stores dateTime, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Nsats used, Nsats view, and SatInfo). These additional values may be used in future PALMS calculations.