PALMS Batch Uploader

The Batch Uploader allows you to upload large number of datafiles quickly and easily. Detailed instructions for using the Batch Uploader can be found here:

The Batch Uploader is a Java Applet. Upon start-up, it asks your permission to access your local file system. The applet does the following operations on your local machine:
  • Reads only the contents of the files which you select for upload and store them into a compressed .zip file.
  • Creates the .zip file on your local hard drive in the temp directory.
    • On Windows 7 machines, this directory is typically at: C:\Users\<Your user name>\AppData\Local\Temp
    • On Windows XP machines, this directory is typically at C:\Documents and Settings\<Your user name>\Local Settings\Temp
  • Creates a configuration file (named "") in the temp directory to remember your settings.

Installing Java and the Java Plug-in

The Batch Uploader requires the Java Plug-in and Java to be installed on your system. To install the Java plugin, you should go to the Java site and click on the “Do I have Java” link under the “Free Java Download” button. This will check your system to find out the version of Java you have (if any) and then it’ll show a button to download the most recent version of Java. You should have administrator rights and you can click on the download button to get the most current version of Java.

IMPORTANT: After installing Java and/or the plug-in, please re-boot your computer.

Firefox Java Plug-in

The article below will help you install the Java plug-in and get it working with Firefox:

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