Heart Rate plus Motion Devices

This devices combine accelerometers and heart rate monitors to provide a more accurate estimate of Energy Expenditure (EE).

Actiheart (Respironics)

The Actiheart was designed as a light and waterproof device that records data in real time. It produces results with extremely high agreement with EE assessed by calorimetry and it has been shown to be valid and reliable for measuring PAEE in adults and children. Actiheart is a non-invasive instrument worn on the chest, secured by two ECG electrodes. The main component of the Actiheart is 7 mm thick with a diameter of 33 mm and houses a movement sensor, a rechargeable battery, a memory chip, and other electronics. A wire of approximately 100mm length runs to a smaller (5x11x22 mm) clip and the total weight is 8g. The Actiheart software incorporates branched equation modeling to estimate PAEE with less error than single-measure estimates of accelerometry (45%) and HR monitoring (39%) (p<0.035)

ActiTrainer (Actigraph)

The ActiTrainer is the first scientifically validated personal activity monitoring device made readily available to the public. The ActiTrainer utilizes the same innovative technology that has earned ActiGraph the reputation as the gold standard in activity monitoring devices in the global research community. The ActiTrainer, in conjunction with PolarĀ® heart rate technology, accurately measures energy expenditure, average and maximum heart rate, pace, distance, and sleep patterns.

Bioharness BT (Zephyr)

The BioHarness uses wireless Smart Fabric technology to provide bio-telemetry of vital signs over time. Zephyr's BioHarness can measure heart rate, ECG, respiration, body temperature, posture and activity and is used during physical activity to determine trends. The device is small enough to not encumber or change behaviour while worn around the chest and is made entirely from fabric for maximum comfort. BioHarness can either log over a weeks worth of activity or provide real time analysis over it s built in radio link.