19 November 2015

  • With the Firefox update #39, by default Firefox will no longer access websites that show weaknesses in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange used by the SSL encryption algorithms. The PALMS websites exhibits such weakness. We have updated the SSL libraries, but the problem still remains. Until it is resolved, you can access PALMS using Chrome or Internet Explorer. Or, you can change the default configuration of FireFox 39 to work with PALMS using the following procedure in this document:

4 August 2015

23 April 2015

6 September 2012

  • Added the ability for the PALMS Calculation to process heart rate data from a second device, separate than the activity device. Details can be found here.
  • Beta Release 4.1 of the PALMS Calculation also includes new features:
    • Select participants to process based on participant status
    • Doesn't automatically remove short trips after segmenting (based on changes in mode of transportation)

16 August 2012

Release 4 of the PALMS calculation is out of beta. It is recommended that you use R4 instead of the earlier version R2 or R3.
The changes and advantages of R4 are described here.

NOTE: If you have been using the beta version, please remove it and then add the release version to your study.

7 August 2012

Changes to KML exporter
  • Now includes layer of stationary points (organized by day) -- useful for detecting trip missed by PALMS
  • Locations are listed in ascending order
  • Corrected bug in which time of first arrival was misreported

16 May 2012

PALMS was unavailable from 14 May 8:00 PDT until 16 May 15:00 PDT.
Electrical problems in the server room forced us to power off the PALMS servers

2 May 2012

PALMS web application updated to version 1.3.0
  • Upgraded to more secure and reliable authentication server: Your PALMS username now starts with "p_"

Four presentations from the Active Living Research 2012 Conference now available for download. Click here.

14 Apr 2012

PALMS web application updated to version 1.2.3
  • Faster deletion of datasets and resultsets
  • Warning message displayed and confirmation requested when overwriting an existing protocol
  • Corrected bug that prevented display of Batch Uploader in Internet Explorer
  • When viewing, mapping, or charting datasets, you can now select the columns to be displayed. Click here for details.
  • Numerous bug fixes

8 Feb 2012

  • Released new version of the Results Selector. Days of week and hours of days can be specified to select subsets of the result set. Click here for details.
  • Added documentation on how to specify participant's age and weight for use by the Energy Expenditure formulas. Click here for details.
  • PALMS was featured in the GPS Health Research Network's January 2012 available here.

4 Jan 2012

Release 3 of the PALMS calculation is out of beta.
  • It more accurately classifies mode of transportation based on trip speed.
  • Added additional options.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Click here for details

20 Dec 2011

PALMS server was down today from 7:00 - 15:30 PST for scheduled electrical maintenance in server room.

7 Dec 2011

  • PALMS web application updated to version 1.2.0
    • Added capability to upload multiple datasets (Batch uploader details available here.)
    • Added log off fuction
    • Label text is darker for improved readability
    • Confirmation now requested when deleting calculation protocols
    • Fixed minor bugs
  • Daily Summary calculation upgraded to version 1.2
    • Added additional columns
      • time_Indoors, time_OutDoors, time_InVehicle
      • time_noGPS
      • event
    • If you are using Version 1.1, please remove then add the calculation to your study
    • Click here for details
  • Beta release of Result Selector calculation
    • Creates a new result set that is a subset of an existing result set based on specified criteria
    • Click here for details

21 Oct 2011

available for download.

6 Sep 2011

  • Daily Summary Calculation upgraded to V1.1
    • Removed time from 02_Date column (was redundant and caused difficulties importing into Excel)
    • Add option in parameter block to report only trips, stationary periods and activity/sedentary bouts
    • Fix bug where not-wearing periods were equated to no-data
  • Improved error reporting in GPX uploader

15 Aug 2011

  • PALMS web application updated to 1.1.4
    • Add new timezones
    • Fixed bug - in calculations, the protocol executed was not always the protocol displayed.

5 Aug 2011

  • Added new uploader for used with Qstarz GPS (and others) - BT747 Device
    • The BT747 application is a popular desktop program that can be used instead of Qstarz's software. It downloads data from the device and creates files in a number of formats including CSV and GPX.
    • Click here for details on its use with PALMS

15 July 2011

  • PALMS web application updated to 1.1.2
    • Links to report problems and provide feedback to PALMS team
    • Numerous bug fixes

22 June 2011

  • PALMS web application updated to 1.1.0
    • Additional fields can be defined for participants
    • For calculations, an improved method to select result sets as inputs
    • Support for PALMS validation studies at UCSD

  • PALMS server updates
    • Data Merging and Trip Detection calculation released from beta
      • Default parameters fine-tuned to produce more accurate results
      • Estimates Energy Expenditure when used with ActiGraphs accelerometers
      • Improved trip detection
      • Improved mode-of-transportation determination
      • Sedentary bouts detected and numbered
    • Beta release of PALMS validation calculation
    • Improved usage of server memory resulting in better performance

28 Apr 2011

  • PALMS web application updated to 1.0.6
    • Improved performance when displaying maps and timelines
    • Fix bugs with Safari browsers

  • PALMS server updated
    • New importers for ActiLife 5 devices (including one for international dates - dd/mm/yyyy)
    • Beta release of improved Data Merging and Trip Detection calculation (Release 2)
    • Alpha release of Daily Summary calculation

3 Feb 2011

  • New production server on-line with increased memory
  • New functionality introduced
    • Select columns and column order when exporting CSV files
    • Search by study name
    • Search by result name
    • Calculations can accept result sets as inputs
  • Improved error reporting

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