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March 31, 2015

Drs. Kerr, Patrick & Jankowska are researchers in the Center for Wireless & Population Health Systems in the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health, housed in the Qualcomm Institute at the University of California, San Diego.

Over the past decade, we have been involved in the collection of accelerometer and GPS data in over 10,000 individuals worldwide. As you may know, processing such large amounts of data into meaningful variables for analysis is very challenging. We have been fortunate to receive NIH funding to support the development of tools to improve data processing from GPS and accelerometer devices.

We have developed, tested and established the validity of the following tools:
  • PALMS (Personal Activity Location Measurement System) which merges GPS and accelerometer data and provides trip level outputs
  • HIPAA compliant geodatabase that allows secure and rapid matching of GIS and GPS data points
  • Machine learned algorithms to more accurately classify physical activity behaviors and transportation modes

Our aim is to gain funding to integrate these separate systems into one called the SPACES (Secure Physical ACtivity & Environment Software) system.

In addition to the SPACES system, users will have access to online training opportunities in study design, data collection, processing, & analysis. Further, the system will house annotated ‘ground truth’ training data sets collected from multiple free living population groups that will allow you to validate your existing processing methods and develop and test new algorithms as needed. We are excited to have the opportunity to provide this comprehensive system to researchers working in physical activity, transportation planning, public health and cancer prevention fields.

The proposed SPACES software system will be open source and thus freely available. If you also wish to benefit from storage, processing, and the web-enabled application environment on our HIPAA compliant cloud, hosted by the San Diego Super Computer Center, standard rates will apply. We are applying for funding for this system under the National Cancer Center U24 mechanism – Advanced Development of Informatics Technology PAR 13 294. It is vital that we demonstrate support for this system from potential users in the field. If funding is obtained, we will contact you with information about the system.

We would be most grateful if you could show your support by signing the attached petition.
Humbly yours,

Dr. Kerr

Dr. Patrick
Dr. Jankowska

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